Dimmers for LED, 220V

How many LED’s can you connect to one dimmer?
All dimmers have a minimum and maximum rating (Watts). Unfortunately LED loading cannot be calculated the same way as a traditional incandescent or a mains halogen light bulb. A good rule of thumb to apply is to take the maximum rating of the dimmer and divide it by the by equivalent or replacement GLS or Halogen rating of the LED. In otherwords use the replacement GLS or halogen rating of the LED to calculate the maximum number of LED’s per dimmer as per recommendations from leading European LED suppliers. For example, if a 5W LED’s replacement wattage is 50W, then only 10 LED’s can be connected to a 500W dimmer.

Shuttle 125W-Trailing Edge dimmer, 220V

R253.00 Excluding VAT: R220.00

Shuttle 500W-Trailing Edge dimmer, 220V

R276.00 Excluding VAT: R240.00

Shuttle 800W-Trailing Edge dimmer, 220V

R456.55 Excluding VAT: R397.00

Shuttle 500W - Trailing edge Rotary dimmer, 220V

R356.50 Excluding VAT: R310.00

Shuttle 800W - Trailing edge Rotary dimmer, 220V

R456.55 Excluding VAT: R397.00

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