Series of GU10 (220V) and MR16 (12V) downlights

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Shuttle 125W-Trailing Edge dimmer, 220V

R254.15 Excluding VAT: R221.00

Shuttle 225W - Rotary dimmer, Push-on, 220V

R368.00 - Special Price
R391.00 - Original Price Excluding VAT: R320.00

Flash 5W GU10 downlight, 36 degree (Evolution)

R46.00 Excluding VAT: R40.00

Shuttle 500W-Trailing Edge dimmer, 220V

R356.50 Excluding VAT: R310.00

Shuttle 500W - Trailing edge Rotary dimmer, 220V

R356.50 Excluding VAT: R310.00

SY121 Recessed Fixed Downlight Fitting

R29.90 Excluding VAT: R26.00

Flash 6W GU10 downlight, 38 degree

R28.75 Excluding VAT: R25.00

SY101 Recessed Tilt Downlight Fitting

R32.20 Excluding VAT: R28.00

Shuttle 800W - Trailing edge Rotary dimmer, 220V

R460.00 Excluding VAT: R400.00

SY127 Recessed Fixed Downlight Fitting

R40.25 Excluding VAT: R35.00

Osram 5W GU10 Glass, Dimmable PAR16 Downlight

R100.86 Excluding VAT: R87.70

Osram 7W MR16 Glass, GU5.3 3000K Warm White

R204.70 Excluding VAT: R178.00

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