Tube Lighting

Tube Lighting, Including T8 Tubes, T5 Tubes and Integrated options.

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Osram T8 2 foot (600mm), 8W Tube Light

R105.34 Excluding VAT: R91.60

Synerji T8 2 foot (600mm), 10W Tube Light

R77.05 Excluding VAT: R67.00

Osram T8 4 foot (1200mm), 16W Tube Light

R96.37 Excluding VAT: R83.80

Synerji T8 3 foot (900mm), 14W Tube Light

R106.95 Excluding VAT: R93.00

Osram T8 5 foot (1500mm), 20W Tube Light

R78.20 Excluding VAT: R68.00

Synerji T8 5 foot (1500mm), 24W Tube Light

R115.00 Excluding VAT: R100.00

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